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Naazneen LimbadaContent WriterJoined 11th March 2022

About Naazneen

Naazneen joined Love Discount Vouchers in April 2022 excited to venture on a journey learning about different brands and different ways to save money after completing her qualifications in Skincare, Beauty & Body Therapy!

Ever since joining and writing about certain brands, Naazneen has discovered an interest in tech, DIY and so much more (check the categories out and see for yourself why Naazneen loves it!). Naazneen spends her weekends resting, spending time with people who mean the most to her (including her two gorgeous cats, Nala & Luna), trying new & different cuisines, discovering the latest fashion scenes and definitely gaming!

Naazneen’s Career Path Which Led Her To Where She Is Today

Naazneen did not take a specific career path which led her to work where she does currently! For a person who enjoyed the beauty industry and never thought to be working in another industry or โ€œfield,โ€ she quite enjoys working at Love Discount Vouchers! Naazneen thought it’s best to use her free time to learn more about content writing & SEO tools to become more efficient in what she does! So even though she might not have studied for it, it became something she does want to study to take her further in her career at Love Discount Vouchers!

What Naazneen Enjoys Most About Her Job Role?

By far and the most rewarding and enjoyable thing about this job for Naazneen is getting to know more and discovering and learning about brands and their histories. Also, learning about other cultures and finding out local information about the regions she works with. Another thing Naazneen enjoys is learning about basic โ€œcodingโ€ which is used in the content, helping Naazneen realise that she actually might just enjoy learning about C+, Angular, SQL, HTML & CSS (all coding languages)!

What Makes Love Discount Vouchers The Best Place To Work?

Naazneen feels it is the company culture, opportunities for growth, friendly and encouraging co-workers and importantly, the recognition and rewards that makeLove Discount Vouchers the best place to work!

Naazneen’s Proudest Saving

Naazneen loves purchasing and giving gifts to friends and family. However, it does get a bit costly! One day, she was searching for a gift her significant other would really appreciate and adore but the shipping fees were a bit too expensiveโ€ฆ Naazneen remembered seeing a website for discounts and money savings codes, she immediately went to the site and definitely was not disappointed! She searched for the brand she was making a purchase for and found a discount code to use and save money! She was able to buy the gift and not worry about the shipping cost and her friends and family now know her as the money-saving queen!

Naazneen’s Top Saving Tips

  • Always try to sign up for newsletters. Brands send out their latest news & even secret discount codes to use to save money!
  • On a brandโ€™s website, add items to the cart and ensure all account details are correct. Brands often send out an email to let their customers know they still have items in their shopping carts and send them a special discount code to motivate them to complete their shopping!
  • Every month, sort out โ€˜needsโ€™ from โ€˜wantsโ€™ and create a budget sheet. Add some money to a savings account, pay any debts and also keep a certain amount of money just for takeouts and entertainment. This helps with overspending on things that were not budgeted for.
  • When going into any shop, always have a list. It will help to remember what is needed and to help avoid overspending.
  • When shopping for groceries, always remember to go with a full stomach! Shopping on a semi-empty stomach can cause overspending on things you do not need! So it’s best to always shop after a meal.
  • Need a fashion wardrobe upgrade? Then always shop the end-of-season sales! Brands tend to get rid of stock by having a sale at the end of a season. So shop for winter/summer clothes when there are end-of-season sales, this definitely helped Naazneen and her friends be fashionistas while being financially responsible!

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