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If you are looking for the best lads’ holiday destinations or the best places for lads’ holiday’ you can go to, then you have come to the right place. Get a cheap lads’ holiday for you to take a break and enjoy travelling around the world while taking time away from everything. Get discounted prices on your accommodation or flights with Love Discount Vouchers and be on your way to having the best holiday of all time with not having to spend too much money.

Bright blue beach waters on an island, perfect for a cheap lads' holiday

In this blog we will discuss:

  • The Best Lads’ Holiday’ Destinations Around The World
  • The Best Deals And Prices You Can Get For The Best Places For Lads’ Holiday’
  • How To Save Money For Cheap Lads’ Holidays With LDV

The Best Lads’ Holiday’ Destinations Around The World

Sea bay with beautiful rocks and beach on the side perfect for the best lads' holiday' destination in Africa

Taking a break from the hustle and bustle of city life is the best thing one can do for themselves. Especially for those lads that are always busy and ensuring that life keeps moving and is comfortable for their loved ones. A simple and all-inclusive holiday sounds like a good idea.

The best thing about all-inclusive holidays is that they are a great choice for stress-free holidays โ€“ with drinks, snacks and meals as part of the package, mealtimes are made easy. To make things easier for the lads, here at Love Discount Vouchers, we have put together a guide on the best places to travel and enjoy.

There are quite a few websites you can visit where you will get discounted prices on your bookings. One of those is TUI. They offer the best lads’ holiday destinations that have all-inclusive packages you can choose from. Travel with TUI to the following destinations:


  • Mauritius
  • Seychelles
  • Morocco
  • Egypt


  • India
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Thailand


  • Spain
  • Turkey
  • Italy
  • Greece
  • Portugal

Book with TUI and get value for money, 100s of destinations, and all-inclusive holiday packages including flights, luggage and transfers. Be on your way to enjoying the best places for a lads’ holiday.

The Best Deals And Prices You Can Get For The Best Places For Lads’ Holiday’

Hat, scarf and pictures of different landmarks and accommodations for best places for lads' holiday'

If you and your friends love travelling but want to save on your holiday bookings then you have landed on the right page. There are plenty of holiday destinations that you can book from that are cheap and within your means. We have some of those destinations for you to choose from.

Greek Islands

Santorini blue and white accommodation for your cheap lads' holiday

Book a holiday to Greece and discover everything from the beautiful beaches of the Greek Islands to the ancient city of Athens and the famous Greek hospitality. Some of the most popular islands’ prices start from ยฃ200 upwards. These include Corfu - from ยฃ246, Crete ยฃ259, Santorini ยฃ302, Rhodes ยฃ251, Mykonos ยฃ421 and Zante from ยฃ272 per person with everything from family guest houses to all-inclusive resorts by the sea.

Mykonos and Zante are both great if you are looking for a party scene for those beautiful summer nights. Look forward to enjoying the beautiful Kos island bursting with Greek scenes that take your breath away. Spring and Autumn are the best times to visit the islands in Greece.

Book your Greek escape with the lads with easyJet and get the best rates with us here at Love Discount Vouchers. Get all-inclusive packages as well to ensure that you enjoy your stay without having to worry about an itinerary.


People on boats and historical buildings on the water in Italy.

A vacation in Italy can be anything you want - there’s a reason they call it a “beautiful country”. Get accommodation for yourself from as little as ยฃ185pp. The long, booty country is surrounded by a 7600-kilometre coastline that includes orchards, white sands, towns and villages from romantic legends, and mountains that turn into winter parks during skiing.

This country has always been good at the good things in life like fashion, design, coffee or ice cream. But from Michelangelo’s paintings to open-air operas, from beach clubs to drinking in sun-dappled squares, there is so much more to enjoy on vacation in Italy. Take your lads and enjoy and sip on some sundowners on the scenes of Rome.

Spain - Ibiza

Sea town in Ibiza with the blue sea and houses on the mountain on the left.

You might think a vacation in Ibiza is all about non-stop food, but a trip to the westernmost Balearic Islands can be an adventure all about beaches and natural beauty. Each part of the island has its own flair โ€“ Ibiza town has an utterly luxurious glow with bright lights filled with huge yachts.

On the island’s west side, vibrant San Antonio is known for its beautiful coves and beaches, breathtaking sunsets and countryside popular with young vacationers, families and lovers. Whether you’re after a healthy beach or a night out, vacations in Ibiza have it all. Get accommodation from ยฃ383 per person and enjoy a cheap lads’ holiday in Spain.

How To Save Money For Cheap Lads’ Holidays With LDV

A open laptop and small cart with money inside with a neutral background in search of the best places for a lads' holiday'

Finding cheap travel deals with Love Discount Vouchers is easy. We have made it convenient for you to get the best deals for your holiday trip by putting together a list for you of how to get away on holiday on a budget so you can enjoy the sun without worrying about spending too much.

  • Buy cheap flights and compare prices through different search engines. Take your time and check multiple airlines.
  • Get deals from Skyscanner to get awesome discounts.
  • Travel with your friends in a group to get booking discounts. Most hotels do offer packages that you can share with your friends that cost less.
  • When travelling abroad, make sure your passport is up to date! If it has expired, ensure that you renew it in time. Fees for renewal jump high when the turnaround time is short. So avoid paying more by making sure that you do it well in advance.
  • Look for bargain packages holidays. This is the best way to get deals for your lads’ trip. Some package holidays can be much cheaper than trips where transport and accommodation are bought and paid separately. Book your holiday package with Jet2holidays and enjoy massive savings.
  • Doing research before you go to a new destination can save you a lot of money. You will know where you go to have a good time and how much it will cost you to do so.
  • Try and book on a Monday. A lot of people have noticed that booking on a Monday gets you cheaper deals. Book with Thomas Cook, and you could get a ยฃ50 coupon from them on your next holiday.

Get On The Roll

Well, it’s clear that going on holiday and getting the best lads’ holiday destinations is easy with LDV. Get the best-discounted accommodation for the best places for a lads’ holiday’ with us and be on your way to enjoying a holiday trip with your friends without having to spend much.

Remember to check out cheap lads’ holidays on our Travel Category for more places you can go to at discounted prices. Treat yourself and your friends to a slice of paradise on sandy beaches and blue waters anywhere in the world. Book today and get things on a roll.

Posted 12th June, 2023

Author: Nontozakhe Raphadu

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