Brand FocusLynda Vs Udemy Vs Coursera: What Are The Best E-Learning Platforms?

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Thanks to their flexibility and cost-effectiveness, e-learning platforms have become more and more popular globally over the last two decades. However, when it comes to exploring the best e-learning platforms, there are many aspects to consider when determining which is the best. This includes how easy the platform is to use, whether its courses provide value for money or how its features aid you in learning.

Lynda, Coursera and Udemy are three of our favourite e-learning platforms here at LDV and it’s easy to see why. All three platforms are easy to navigate and offer a plethora of courses for students to engage with. But which of these platforms is the better option?

In this blog, the Love Discount Vouchers team compares the three e-learning platforms to determine which is the best fit for you.

In this guide, we will tell you:

  • Why Udemy is the most diverse platform
  • Why Coursera is the perfect college substitute
  • Why Lynda is the go-to platform to hone professional skills
  • What our thoughts are about the platforms


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Since their launch in 2010, Udemy has become known as the biggest e-learning platform out there. They offer over 210,000 courses that span between job-ready skills and personal interests. Udemy is the ideal platform for students who want to learn skills they wouldnโ€™t otherwise learn in a classroom setting or get a crash course on almost any topic. In terms of how the platform operates, YourStory describes Udemy as โ€œan open marketplace of educational coursesโ€. It is essentially a platform in which experts on various fields and topics can create their very own courses. 

Udemy’s Features:

  • Lifetime access to course material - After successfully enrolling for a course on Udemy, students will be given unlimited access to the course material. This means that you can come back and review any of the lessons, even if you completed the course.
  • Up-to-date content - The instructors on Udemy are constantly updating their courses, meaning the content youโ€™re learning will always contain the most relevant information.
  • Connect with your instructors - Udemy offers Q&A sessions and direct messaging features, allowing students to have one-on-one conversations with their course instructors just in case they need a little help grasping the course content or are eager to learn more.
  • Courses for everyone - Udemy offers a wide variety of courses that cover various subjects, hobbies and interests. Whether youโ€™re interested in developing a new skill for work or want to give meditation a try, Udemy caters to a wide variety of interests.

Udemy’s Pricing:

  • Free courses - 10% of Udemyโ€™s 210,000 courses are free of charge, meaning you can expand your skillset without having to pay a penny!
  • Paid courses - Ideal for those who want to invest in a once-off course they can come back to whenever they wish, Udemyโ€™s paid courses range between ยฃ10 and ยฃ147.
  • Subscription - Paired with a 7-day free trial and unlimited access to over 11,000 courses, the Udemy Personal plan costs ยฃ15.90 per month or ยฃ286 annually.
  • Business plans - Udemy offers two subscription plans for organisations. The Team plan gives 5 to 20 members access to over 11,000 courses at a set monthly price of ยฃ24 per member, whereas the Enterprise plan gives 20 or more members access to over 25,000 courses (you will need to contact their sales team to discuss the price of the plan).

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The Coursera homepage showcasing its most popular courses on a blue background

Launched in 2012 by a pair of professors looking to offer students around the world life-changing learning experiences, Coursera is an e-learning platform that offers โ€œtraditional classroom lectures with a few remote learning modificationsโ€ according to MUO. Their courses follow the same academic rigour as the most reputable universities around the world. Matter of fact some of their courses are the exact ones they teach at the institutions theyโ€™ve partnered with! Coursera is the ideal platform for students who want to get an accredited education from the comfort of their homes.

Courseraโ€™s Features:

  • Be taught by world-renowned universities - Coursera has partnered with over 275 universities from around the world to offer the highest quality courses and degrees that will aid students in their professional development.
  • Accessible learning - Coursera wants to make getting a quality higher education more accessible. So if youโ€™re in a tight spot and your budget doesnโ€™t have much breathing room for an extra expense, Coursera offers financial aid and scholarships for most of their courses.
  • Earn an accredited degree - Thanks to their partnership with world-renowned universities, Coursera can offer courses that come with accredited certificates, degrees or diplomas.
  • Team up - Coursera encourages students to actively learn through group work. Many of their courses are integrated with group assignments, peer reviews and discussion forums, allowing students to build a community within their respective courses.

Courseraโ€™s Pricing:

  • Free courses - Need an affordable course that will help you advance your career or develop your personal learning goals? Courseraโ€™s free courses cover a vast range of topics and are available for everyone at no cost.
  • Guided projects - Perfect for those looking to advance their existing skills, Courseraโ€™s guided projects provide students with the quality training they need to pursue a new career or a professional advancement. Starting at ยฃ8, students can take the next step in their professional journey by enrolling for one of Courseraโ€™s guide projects.
  • Professional certificates - Starting at ยฃ39, students can equip themselves with the necessary skills they need to excel at an on-demand career by enrolling for a Coursera professional certificate.
  • Degrees - Starting at ยฃ7164, boost your skills and earning potential by applying for an accredited degree at Coursera!
  • Coursera Plus - Available for ยฃ47 per month or ยฃ318 annually, the Coursera Plus subscription plan comes with unlimited access to over 7000 courses, hands-on projects and a 7-day free trial.

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best e-learning platforms: A phone on a desk with a LinkedIn profile displaying on the screen

Out of the three e-learning platforms listed in this blog, Lynda is by far the oldest. Launched in 1995, Lynda was originally intended to be a website where students could get online support on the books and classes taught by Lynda Weinman. In 2002 however, the website began offering online courses and steadily grew over the years before being acquired by LinkedIn in 2015 and renamed LinkedIn Learning. Today Lynda is an online learning hub that features a comprehensive collection of courses aimed at offering students the professional skills needed to advance their careers.

Lyndaโ€™s Features:

  • Learn from industry professionals - Lynda has partnered with respected industry professionals and senior lecturers from global universities to provide their students with skilled instructors who have a proven track record in their fields.
  • Build your career - Lyndaโ€™s mission has always been to aid job seekers in achieving their professional goals. This is why their skills-centered courses primarily focus on providing students with the necessary skills needed to excel in their careers.
  • Explore diverse topics - Lyndaโ€™s courses span across a wide range of diverse subjects, allowing students with a penchant for learning new things to delve into a variety of on-demand topics.

Lyndaโ€™s Pricing:

  • Individual courses - Generally ranging between ยฃ16 and ยฃ40 each, Lynda gives you lifetime access to skill-centred courses that aim to immediately impact your career.
  • LinkedIn Premium - Students and job seekers who are subscribed to LinkedIn Premium get exclusive access to over 21,000 courses. Priced at ยฃ16 a month, students can sign up for LinkedIn Premium and get a 1-month free trial that they can cancel at any time.

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Our Thoughts

Without a doubt, it’s clear to see why Udemy, Coursera and Lynda are some of the best e-learning platforms out there. Each of the platforms caters to the different needs of their niches, which in particular is why we here at LDV canโ€™t say one is better than the other. โ€œFinding the perfect online learning platform for you is entirely based on what you are looking for in one, how much time you are willing to commit to a course and how flexible your budget is,โ€ says our short course expert, Jessica Pinker.

Find The Best E-Learning Platforms For You With LDV

Thanks to our blog, choosing between the best e-learning platforms has never been easier! Looking for more ways to save on your online courses? Be sure to visit our Education & Learning discount codes page to get the education you need at a fraction of the price. Wondering what other blogs we have on offer here at LDV? Feel free to visit our Blog page for more ways to save on your favourite brands. Happy learning!

Posted 23rd February, 2024

Author: Jessica Pinker

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