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Whether you travel for leisure or business, you will make purchases or pay for services. This is where travel credit cards come into the picture to help you save and earn rewards on your trip. We at Love Discount Vouchers want to help you find the best travel credit card and know which benefits to look out for when applying for a travel credit card, including credit card travel insurance.

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In this blog, we will tell you:

  • What travel credit cards are and how to get them
  • What credit card travel insurance is
  • How you can get the best value on one

What are Travel Credit Cards?

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Travel credit cards are credit cards that can be used while overseas or making purchases from foreign websites. Unlike regular credit cards, travel credit cards offer better exchange rates, have no charges when making purchases and you can earn rewards when you make purchases.

Similar to applying for a regular credit card, you would need a good credit score to be eligible. You must also be 18 years old and older with a regular income to qualify for a travel credit card.

When deciding to apply for a travel credit card, some factors to keep in mind are if there are monthly or annual fees, the types of rewards earned when you use the card and if there is a sign-up bonus

What is Credit Card Travel Insurance?

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Some credit cards may offer benefits or rewards and travel insurance can be one of those benefits. Although your bank-issued credit card may include travel insurance, it may have restrictions such as not covering people you are travelling with and may not provide you with full coverage for incidents such as lost or damaged luggage and health issues that develop while on the trip.

Simply going for a credit card with travel insurance can be convenient but it is important to have travel insurance in case of any medical emergencies and it is advised to purchase a travel insurance policy to have cover for these unexpected events.

It is best to check what your credit card provider covers but generally, credit card travel insurance covers any changes or cancellations to your trip that are not made by you. In cases like these, you may be eligible for a refund and the credit card travel insurance covers this.

Getting Value on the Best Travel Credit Card

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It can be overwhelming trying to find the best travel credit card. One of the best places to start is at your current bank. To make things easier, here are travel credit cards that you can consider.

Halifax Clarity Credit Card

Provided by banking company, Halifax, the Halifax Clarity credit card is the best travel credit card, especially for beginners. This card is one of the most popular options for travellers and its benefits include:

  • No cash withdrawal fees
  • No foreign exchange fees
  • Charges the same interest rate on all purchases

World Elite Credit Card

HSBC is one of the worldโ€™s largest banking and financial services providers. Their Premier World Elite credit card is for those who travel frequently and want to get the best deals and rewards. This travel credit card is available for existing HSBC Premier Banking and Private Banking customers. Some of the rewards and benefits include:

  • Earning points on every purchase in local and foreign currencies
  • Access to airport lounges around the world with LongeKey
  • Access to experiences around the world with Mastercard Priceless
  • 3 additional cards for family or friends

HSBC provides products and services such as life, home and travel insurance, which you can save on with an HSBC promo code.

Member Credit Card

Nationwide is a financial institution that provides insurance, investment accounts, loans and more. Their Member credit card is available to all customers with a Nationwide bank account. This is a great travel credit card option for travellers and has benefits such as:

  • Unlimited worldwide commission-free purchases
  • No fixed repayment end date
  • No monthly or annual fees

You can also purchase various insurance policies, including travel insurance and use a Nationwide promo code to save on your policy.

Get More Out of Your Holiday With Travel Credit Cards and Love Discount Vouchers

Find the best travel credit card for yourself in time for your holiday. Travel credit cards will make saving while abroad much easier and with credit card travel insurance, you can have peace of mind while travelling. Remember to visit Love Discount Vouchers for money-saving deals and subscribe to our newsletter to never miss out.

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Posted 14th June, 2023

Author: Marylyn Ncube

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