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Love Discount Vouchers is here to guide you to create your ultimate workout area with Mirafit gym storage ideas and great discounts on a Mirafit squat rack, barbell stands, weight racks and other gym storage equipment. Create the space you need to enjoy your workouts and discover affordable prices when shopping for your new Mirafit gym set and more.

Kettlebells stored in the studio using a Mirafit gym storage product.

In this blog, we will tell you:

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Best Of Mirafit Gym Storage Ideas With Love Discount Vouchers

A woman doing stretches in the gym in front of a Mirafit gym storage rack for weights

Are you planning on creating your own workout space whether it be at home or in your new studio? Do you need a few ideas to help you get started? Well, look no further because you have come to the right place. With Love Discount Vouchers, not only are we here to help you save money, but we are also here to provide you with the tips and tricks you need to create your new workout space. We have researched and found a few gym ideas from Checkatrade, to help save you time and get you started in the right direction.

Gym storage ideas & equipment

  • Bar storage: To ensure your barbell remains in pristine condition as well as keeping it out of the way to prevent unforeseen accidents, it is important to store your barbell correctly using the correct storage methods. We recommend the Mirafit M4 Rack Barbell Holder because it is easy to install on the wall in an area that is out of the way. The holder is made with a nylon sleeve to ensure that your barbell is protected from scratches. You can purchase a horizontal or vertical holder for ยฃ34.95.
  • Dumbbell storage: If youโ€™re looking for an ideal rack that will fit in your home gym or studio, then have a look at the Mirafit 3 Tier 400 kg Dumbbell rack that is one of Mirafit’s top-rated racks. It will help you keep your space tidy and equipment safe. It can be bought in a black or an orange-black colour for ยฃ149.95.
  • Free-standing gym storage: Free-standing gym racks and storage are great to have when it comes to adding your collection of kettlebells, dumbbells or bumper plates. They are great to add to your home gym or studio as they add a professional feel and donโ€™t require any installation as they support themselves. Just like the Mirafit 3-tier dumbbell rack mentioned above, the Mirafit vertical dumbbell stand is another favourite. It can hold 6 pairs of dumbbells and ensures that your space is kept clean and organised. It is available in a black colour and costs ยฃ69.95.
  • Kettlebell storage: If youโ€™re looking for gym storage for your kettlebell set then have a look at the Mirafit 2 tier Kettlebell rack. This rack allows you to store up to 300kg and is designed with rubber rails to ensure your kettlebells are protected from scratches. This rack costs ยฃ159.95.
  • Plate storage: The Mirafit Olympic Weight Tree with Bar Stand is a fantastic item to have when storing your plates. Not only does it keep your gym organised but also allows you to make quick-weight changes during your workouts, there is even additional space for a pair of dumbbells. The stand is available in a black and an orange colour for ยฃ129.95.
  • Rack mounted storage: If youโ€™re looking for storage that is more permanent and can be installed for your weight plates, then check out one of the Mirafitโ€™s best-sellers which is the M200 Series Weight Storage Poles that is available in 2 lengths such as fractional olympic poles for ยฃ22.95 and olympic poles for ยฃ29.95.
  • Wall-mounted storage: Wall-mounted storage allows you to have more space when storing equipment however it is more permanent and will require installation. If this is what you need then check out the Mirafit wall-mounted storage range on their website. Their most popular item from this range is the Mirafit Olympic Weight Plate Wall Storage Rack, which allows you to mount to your wall and store your plates. Save floor space by storing weights on the storage rack. You can purchase this item as a pair for ยฃ89.95 or as a single item for ยฃ59.95.

If youโ€™re looking to get a great discount on your gym storage trolley or other gym storage items then go ahead and check out our latest Gym & Supplements discount codes page.

Most Popular Mirafit Gym Set

A woman who is working out with her Mirafit gym set.

Love Discount Vouchers is here to help you find your new gym set. Sources like Womenโ€™s Health says that โ€œSome of the best gym equipment you can add to your home gym include equipment like dumbbells, kettlebells, resistance bands and foam rollersโ€.  We have found the top 5 most popular weight sets and kits from the Mirafit online store to shop from.

Top 5 weight sets & kits

  1. Mirafit Black Bumper Plates Set & Change Plates & Storage Trolley: This set comes with 150 kg bumper plates, 15kg change plates and a storage trolley. For ยฃ749.95 you can add this great set to your gym club.
  2. Mirafit Rubber Dumbbell Set & 3-Tier Weight Rack: This is a great set if youโ€™re looking to get a range of weights because it comes with different weight pairs from 5kg to 30kg. The storage rack is great as you can store your dumbbells neatly and can hold up to 400kg. You can buy the set in an orange and black colour for ยฃ999.95.
  3. Mirafit 6 Pair Hex Dumbbells & Storage Tree Kit: This storage rack allows you to keep your dumbbells in order and allows you to focus on your fitness levels by storing the pairs together. The 6 pairs of dumbbells range from 1kg to 20kg for ยฃ369.95.
  4. Mirafit Olympic Fractional Plates Set: These chrome weight plates come with a travel bag, so you can work out wherever you go. The weight plates come in pairs from 0.25kg to 1kg for ยฃ39.95.
  5. Mirafit Studio Pump Set Weights: These weights are great to incorporate into your cardio and weight training routines. The cost for the plates are as follows: 2 x 1.25kg cost ยฃ14.95, 4 x 1.25kg cost ยฃ29.95, 8 x 1.25kg cost ยฃ59.95, 2 x 2.5kg cost ยฃ24.95, 4 x 2.5kg cost ยฃ49.95, 2 x 5kg cost ยฃ37.95 and 4 x 5kg cost ยฃ64.95.

If youโ€™re looking to purchase more of Mirafitโ€™s best-sellers, then do yourself a favour and have a look at our Mirafit home gym equipment blog.

How To Save Money On Your Mirafit Squat Rack With LDV

A man doing his squat track with his Mirafit squat rack

Jadee Scott, a money-saving expert at Love Discount Vouchers says โ€œFor the best deals and affordable prices on gym equipment be sure to always visit our website. With us, you will be able to find the latest discounts, savings and offers to use when you shop online for your new gym set and other fitness equipment!โ€

How to save money on gym equipment

  • Shop the offers section from Mirafit to find their squat racks on sale and other fitness items. The offers category allows you to shop for fitness equipment at the best prices.
  • Look at our Mirafit discount codes page for the latest discounts and offers for your online shopping with Mirafit.
  • Sign up for our newsletter to have the newest voucher codes, promotions and offers sent directly to your inbox so that you never miss out on a great saving.
  • Check out money-saving blogs like our How to get the best deals on your Mirafit gym gear.

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Posted 31st October, 2023

Author: Jadee Scott

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