Money SavingRevealed: The Cheapest (and Most Expensive!) Counties for a Pint of Guinness this St Patrick's Day

Get your shamrocks out, because St. Patrickโ€™s Day is nearly upon us! With St. Patrick’s Day being so near, we thought it would be worthwhile to do some vital research: just how much is a pint of Guinness across the UK? When youโ€™re out celebrating, a beverage of course tastes all the better when itโ€™s cheap! So, save yourself searching for the best price for a Guinness, because weโ€™ve done it all for you here at Love Discount Vouchers.

Pint of Guinness

Our Interactive Guinness Pricing Map

Pint of Guinness

We take our celebrations seriously at Love Savings Group. Why should you pay such eye-watering, steep prices when there are plenty of places where you can grab some of the black stuff at a bargain? Cheaper pints mean more Guinness for you. It’s that simple!

To make it all the easier to browse the prices of Guinness across the UK, we’ve put together this snazzy map to let you take an in-depth look yourself. Have a go at sorting in order of pricing to see the best deals in the country and where prices get the most costly if you have the cash to spare!

If you take a look, you’ll be able to see some fascinating results. You’ll be astounded to hear that the cheapest pint of Guinness you can find in the country is in Halifax in the Barum Top Inn at an incredible value of ยฃ3.05. However, the most expensive we found was in Rutland at The Olive Branch at a whopping ยฃ6.50.

Guinness Map

Save While You Celebrate

As the nation’s favourite stout and arguably Ireland’s most iconic drink, we think it’s essential you can find the great taste of Guinness at a price you can get on board with. Using our data, you can now find the best pubs across the country to make your money go that extra bit further. Don’t pray on the luck of the Irish, find the cheapest pint near you for sure with this handy table. You can also share the knowledge to help more people save using our fancy infographic too!

After taking all of this info in, you may have noticed the difference in pricing across England. We recommend taking your St. Patrick’s day celebrations up north as their Guinness pricing is good enough grounds to finally settle the north vs south debate once and for all. Some of the worst county offenders for overcharging on this delicious beverage include East Sussex, Hampshire and Greater London. Some of the lowest cost are County Durham, Staffordshire and Merseyside.

Outside of England, choose your drinking destination wisely as there is just as much variation in pricing in Wales, Scotland and Ireland. We have to give props to Wales as out of all the areas in these countries, North Wales had the cheapest Guinness on average at ยฃ4.13. We’re more than happy to have our St. Patrick’s Day celebrations in good old Cymru!

County NamePrice (£)
Greater London
West Midlands
Greater Manchester
West Yorkshire
South Yorkshire
Tyne and Wear
North Yorkshire
County Durham
West Sussex
East Sussex
County NamePrice (£)
East Yorkshire
Isle of Wight
North Wales
Mid Wales
South Wales

The Verdict

Multiple pints of Guinness

As you can see, it’s quite surprising to see how much the price of a Guinness changes from place to place! The most expensive county to get this Irish stout ended up being Surrey at a staggering average of ยฃ5.76. Meanwhile, the lowest average county was West Yorkshire which on average sells Guinness at the humble price of ยฃ3.77. We know where we’re taking our partying!

Surprisingly, Ireland wasn’t home to the best price of a Guinness as you may have hoped for if you are going to take your celebrations to the motherland itself. The cheapest Irish Guinness we found was in Tinney’s Bar in Derry at ยฃ4.20. Though worth it to experience this fantastic celebration in its home and with the natives, you should stick to Great Britain if you want to get the most out of your money.

Use this info to your advantage! Get your family and friends together and take yourselves to your nearest bar or pub that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg for you to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day merrily. Don’t go looking for gold at the end of the rainbow this festive season, keep it in your wallet at Love Discount Vouchers.

For even more savings, take a look at all our brands for incredible discounts that don’t come with a hangover! If you have something in mind that you would like to save your hard-earned money on, we have nicely split our super-saving discounts into categories to make your life that little bit easier. Also, make sure you donโ€™t miss any of our St. Patrickโ€™s Day discounts, to help your spend on all that delicious Guinness!


All data presented was correct at the time of recording, 13th February - 20th February 2023. Pubs were selected from 47 English counties documented within the piece, as well as varying locations throughout Wales, Scotland and Ireland. Data was provided by either staff of the pubs themselves, or by their dedicated websites. Pubs from each of these areas were selected at random, and the aggregate prices of each area are not a reflection of the prices of all pubs in said area. Prices are taken from a sample of 25 pubs per county, and are simply an average price across all included pubs.

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Posted 27th February, 2023

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