Money SavingHow To Save Money On Groceries: Shopping On A Food Budget

With the cost of inflation rising, it is affecting the cost of food. This means that your monthly grocery staples may cost you more than you can afford. However, thanks to Love Discount Vouchers we are always trying to help you save money. We have a few tips for shopping on a food budget as well as a few stores where you can do your online food shopping for cheap.Saving on food using our guide, will ensure you can find the best deals and save more.

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In this blog, we will tell you:

  • How to save money on groceries
  • Top 5 online stores to buy groceries from for less
  • Best products to buy & when to buy them

How To Save Extra Cash While Shopping On A Food Budget

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Many families are struggling to pay for their monthly groceries due to rising food costs. Many are looking for ways to make their money go further as well as finding ways to get more for less. Thanks to Love Discount Vouchers, we are here to help you save money on your groceries. We have done some research and found ways for everyone to start saving on food.

Here are a few tips & tricks to help you save extra money on your monthly groceries:

  • Have a list: Check your cupboards and fridges with what you have and what you need from the store. Add items to your list so that you donโ€™t buy extra items that you already have and do not need.
  • Sales: Always start shopping the sales and reduce to clear items first. This way you can buy the stuff you need for less and may even find a great deal.
  • Storage: Look at what items have a longer shelf-life. Freeze whatever foods you can. By purchasing items with a longer expiry date, you will find yourself saving more money on food and throwing less away.
  • Read money-saving blogs: Check out our UK Food Price Inflation money-saving blog to help you save more on rising food costs.

Top 5 Online Grocery Stores: Saving On Food

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Jade Scott, a money-saving expert at Love Discount Vouchers says โ€œIt is always great to know where the best deals are and what is your nearest cheapest supermarket that you can shop from for affordable and top quality groceries. Grocery shopping is now affordable and less stressful, thanks to the Love Discount Vouchers, we offer many discounts from a selection of online food shopping stores as well as our money-saving blogs that guide you to find the best deals on your monthly food essentials.โ€

We have done some research and have found the cheapest online stores when it comes to saving money on food, like online stores that offer loyalty and rewards programmes for more savings.

Top 5 Online Grocery Stores With Rewards

  1. Tesco: Tesco offers a wide selection of groceries, beverages and other items for you to shop for online. Tesco is one of the UKโ€™s most well-known retail stores and if youโ€™re looking to save more on your Tesco groceries then you can sign up for Tescoโ€™s Clubcard loyalty programme. You will find that selected items at various times are cheaper for those who have the Clubcard as well as saving on delivery fees and more. If you want to save even more money then you can add one of the Tescoโ€™s vouchers to checkout.
  2. Sainsburyโ€™s: Sainsburyโ€™s groceries bring effortless grocery shopping to every household. This grocery store brings you loads of products and more to help you stock up your household. One of the best savings you can get from Sainsburyโ€™s is their Netcar membership. Look for the Nectar price labels on various products from the online store. Link your card to your account and all discounts will automatically be applied to your shopping basket. For even more discounts be sure to use a Sainsburyโ€™s voucher to help you save more on your food.
  3. Morrisons Grocery: Earn points while you do your Morrisons online shopping. Get a ยฃ5 money voucher for every 5,000 points you collect. When you sign-up you will also get personalised offers and money-off coupons on your favourite products. For extra money-saving discounts, you can use a Morrisons Grocery discount code before you pay.
  4. ASDA Groceries: ASDA Groceries is one of the UKโ€™s largest online retailers. The ASDA Groceries app, allows you to get instant notifications for special offers. ASDA online shopping allows you to shop while you are on the go and get the best savings and deals for all your groceries. ASDA rewards help you earn pounds and not points when you shop with them. You can get 10% back on star products and convert your cash pot balance into vouchers for even more savings. Earn more on shopping items when you use your credit card to pay and reach all your shopping milestones and earn rewards for every goal you achieve. Use an ASDA Groceries discount code for more savings on food.
  5. Marks & Spencer: Marks & Spencer offers a vast selection of delicious and top-quality food products. To save money and improve your budget on your food purchases, Marks & Spencer offers the Sparks loyalty program. With Sparks, you will be able to earn points, get special offers and even have a chance to be one of the lucky customers to get their shopping cart off. If youโ€™re looking for more savings from Marks & Spencer you can make use of a Marks & Spencer discount code to help you get even more money off your grocery shopping.

For more discounts on a cheap food shop online, be sure to take a look at our offers in supermarkets guide.

Best Foods To Buy To Help You Get Your Online Food Shopping For Cheap

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At Love Discount Vouchers, we are passionate about money-saving. Therefore, we have compiled a list of foods that you can buy for less and of course, save money. By using our doโ€™s and don’ts tips below, you can be sure to stay within your monthly grocery budget.

Vegetables & Fruit

  • Don’t: Steer away from purchasing fruit and vegetables that are not in season, this may have you spending more than you might have budgeted for.
  • Do: Buy fruit and vegetables that are in season. Look at purchasing frozen or canned fruits and vegetables to help you store these items for longer and save more money. Use our Save on the weekly shop with wonky fruit and veg blog, to help you save more.


  • Donโ€™t: Donโ€™t buy sweetened oatmeal or cereal; these cost more and are less healthy than the normal unsweetened oats and cereal. Quinoa, kamut, wild rice and other luxury grains are known for their high costs, instead, try purchasing less costly alternative grains.
  • Do: Buy rice and barley. Not only are these grains cheaper, but you can also purchase them in larger quantities.


  • Donโ€™t: Stay away from fresh milk, grated cheese and flavoured yoghurts. These items tend to have a shorter shelf life and may result in you buying more which means spending more.
  • Do: Purchase milk powder, evaporated milk, plain yoghurt and blocks of cheese. These tend to last longer, store better, and help you stay within your food budget.

Meat & Fish

  • Donโ€™t: If youโ€™re on a food budget then you may not be able to afford those expensive cuts of meat, lean beef, chicken breast, salmon or marinated meat products.
  • Do: The best types of meat products to purchase to help you save money are products like chicken thighs, cod, unseasoned items, canned salmon or meat alternatives like lentils, beans, unsalted nuts and tofu.

Get All Your Online Food Shopping For Cheap With Love Discount Vouchers

When it comes to saving on food, always make sure you check out fantastic money-saving discounts, deals and vouchers at Love Discount Vouchers. We will help you get all your online food shopping for cheap. If youโ€™re shopping on a food budget and need help be sure to check out our latest Food & Drink discount codes page for more great food savings!

Posted 25th September, 2023

Author: Jadee Scott

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