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Welcome to the Easter egg blog, which will help you find a selection of the best budget-friendly Easter eggs. Through this blog, you will be able to purchase quality Easter eggs and other treats for less by finding a list of retailers that offer deals and discounts this Easter season. Save more money on delicious Easter eggs with our Easter discount codes.

A chocolate bunny and budget-friendly Easter Eggs.

In this blog, we will tell you:

  • Top 5 online stores to purchase affordable Easter eggs
  • Most popular DIY Easter egg ideas that are affordable

Top 5 Online Stores For Budget-Friendly Easter Eggs

A basket filled with budget-friendly Easter eggs and other treats.

With the holiday arriving soon, many are looking for the best deals on Easter eggs from their favourite retailers. It may be wise to start shopping early to find the cheapest Easter eggs and avoid disappointment when all the stock sells out. We have handpicked some of the UKโ€™s renowned retailers and chosen their budget-friendly Easter eggs to save you time and money on your shopping.

It is always important to shop around and compare prices when purchasing Easter eggs as some stores may be cheaper at another store, says The Sun.

Here are our top 5 supermarket picks that offer great Easter deals:

1. ASDA Groceries

  • Mix & Match Special: Purchase any two of their selected products for only ยฃ8.00. Selection of mix-and-match budget-friendly Easter eggs from ASDA.
  • ASDAโ€™s Superstar Easter products: Purchase any of ASDAโ€™s Superstar products from their Easter selection and earn up to ยฃ2.00 in your cash pot.ASDA selection of Superstar budget-friendly Easter eggs.
  • Discounts: Purchase cheap Easter eggs with an ASDA discount code.

2. Marks & Spencer

  • Dairy Free & Vegan-Friendly: M&S offers a selection of their dairy-free chocolate Easter eggs so that even vegans can enjoy easter. Marks & Spencer dairy-free, budget-friendly Easter eggs
  • M&S Luxury Eggs: These luxury eggs are designed to look and taste incredible. They are unique and each features different flavours. However, they may be a bit pricier than the normal eggs, but what if we told you that you can get these budget-friendly Easter eggs (UK) from M&S when you use a Marks & Spencer discount code.M&S luxury Easter eggs: Budget-friendly Easter eggs

3. Budget-Friendly Easter Eggs (UK) Tesco

  • Tesco Club Card price: When it comes to Easter everyone knows that a Cadbury Easter egg is a must-have item. Every Easter Cadbury releases their unique chocolate eggs that are loved by many Britains.  Thanks to Tesco you can find a selection of Cadbury Easter eggs that have many different flavours. The Cadbury Caramel Nibbles Easter Egg caught our eye for its great price of ยฃ1.20 if you have a Club Card. If you donโ€™t have a Club Card then you will pay ยฃ1.50 for the 96g Egg.Tesco Cadbury budget-friendly Easter eggs
  • Another Cadbury Tesco Club Card price special: The Cadbury Creme Egg is another popular seller during the holiday. They sell out fast and can be a little more expensive than the other Easter eggs. Thanks to the Tesco Club Card price you can purchase a 5-pack of these Cadbury Creme Eggs for ยฃ1.50 or pay ยฃ2.50 if you donโ€™t have the Tesco Club Card.Tesco Cadbury Creme Egg: Budget-friendly Easter eggs
  • More savings at Tesco: Save extra bucks on your Easter shopping with a Tesco discount code.

4. Morrisons Grocery

  • Any 3 Easter Eggs for ยฃ9.00: Morrisons offers you a selection of Easter eggs and saves you money with their special offer of buying 3 selected Easter egg products for only ยฃ9.00.Morrisons selection of budget-friendly Easter eggs
  • Get Easter eggs for less: Get your Easter shopping for less with a Morrisons discount code.

5. Budget-Friendly Easter Eggs (UK) Sainsburyโ€™s

  • Nectar prices: Purchase Sainsburyโ€™s Easter eggs for less with Nectar price. Sainsburyโ€™s offers a selection of extra-large Easter eggs for less with Nectar prices. Sainsburyโ€™s budget-friendly Easter eggs with Nectar Prices
  • Money-saving discounts: Save money on your shopping with a Sainsburyโ€™s voucher code.

If budget is not a worry for you and you want to shop for luxury Easter eggs and treats, then go and check out our Top 10 Fortnum & Mason Luxury Easter Eggs blog.

Most Popular DIY Budget-Friendly Easter Eggs To Try Out

Two people making their own budget-friendly Easter eggs

Many supermarkets around the UK have begun to compete to offer the countryโ€™s favourite Easter treats with M&S offering their cute chocolate cow, while others are offering low prices and fantastic deals to win customers over, says The Independent

โ€œIf shopping for Easter eggs is not an affordable option for you, then Love Discount Voucher has got you covered with a few DIY Easter ideas to help you celebrate the holiday without spending bigโ€, says Jadee Scott, a money-saving expert, at Love Discount Vouchers.

DIY Easter Ideas

  1. Bunny Treat Bags - A great add for special gifts for kids. Place a white paper bag onto a flat surface and draw an 8cm โ€˜Vโ€™ from the corners of the bag to the centre. Create the bunny ears by cutting out the โ€˜Vโ€™. Colour in the ears using a pink marker. Fill the bag with treats and tie a ribbon around the ears to seal the bag.
  2. Fingerprint Easter Eggs - A great idea to bring happiness to the kids’ hearts and make memories together. Gather your finger paint and your real or plastic eggs and get the kids to create pictures of the eggs using their fingerprints. Add the eggs to a basket with tissue paper.
  3. Grain Sack Eggs - Create eggs to fit perfectly with your house decorations. Use cling wrap or sellotape to wrap the eggs you choose to decorate by leaving various width spaces between them. Colour in the spaces of the eggs with various colours and set them in a basket.

With loads of DIY Easter egg ideas, you can find everything you need to create the Easter you want in your home.

More Budget-Friendly Easter Eggs For Less With LDV

Thanks to Love Discount Vouchers, you now have all the information and resources you need to get your budget-friendly Easter eggs from some of the UKโ€™s most popular retailers. Take advantage of great discounts this Easter by visiting our Easter discounts page and donโ€™t forget to take a look at our Food & Drink discount code.

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Posted 27th March, 2024

Author: Jadee Scott

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