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Summer is knocking on our doors, and with it, the urge to spend on holiday essentials intensifies. But are we making the most of our pounds, or are we letting valuable savings slip through our fingers?

Our new research sheds light on Britain’s shopping habits, revealing some unique insights into discount code usage across the nation and which UK city is the best at saving.

Brace yourselves, UK bargain hunters, and find out if you are part of one of the savviest UK cities.

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Brits Could Be Missing Out On ยฃ183.00 Of Savings A Year!

Did you know that over ยฃ700 million is set to be spent on more than 11 million items for summer getaways, yet a staggering 82% of Brits are oblivious to the potential savings awaiting them online?

Yes, you heard it right, only 18% of us are actively hunting for discount codes while indulging in retail therapy. With an average Monthly Expenditure of ยฃ76.26 on Clothes and Footwear (ONS Data) if Brits utilised a 20% voucher each month they could be saving up to ยฃ183.00 a year.

Wondering which city is making the most of their money-saving opportunities? You donโ€™t have to wait any longer! Our findings have revealed that the North West is leading the charge with both Liverpool and Manchester hitting the top five savviest cities.
Liverpool has topped the charts and has become the prime destination for those hunting down discount codes. Liverpool boasts an impressive 16.4% of the city’s population searching out deals when online!

Looking to see if your city is saving? Well if you live in Bristol, Birmingham, Edinburgh, and Manchester you will definitely have a flair for finding exclusive discounts.

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Keep your pockets full

Let’s delve deeper into potential savings. 82% are missing out on savings from Clarks discounts to Nike promo codes, online and high street popular brands are brimming with opportunities so start searching out offers on your routine online spending. So, if you are planning to pick up a pair of Levi’s jeans grabbing some more Nike gym shoes, discounts of up to 50%* could await thrifty shoppers.

As we prepare for the summer rush and the urge to curate the perfect summer outfits, it’s vital to prioritise smart spending. Now is the perfect opportunity to leverage available online discounts and make our money go that much further. Don’t forget, online savings are just a few clicks away! And during the summer, discounts extend beyond clothing to include travel deals as well.

We took the total local searches for discount code-related terms and divided this by the most recent population data for each town or city to work out the percentage of people who are searching for discount codes every month. For example, the city of Liverpool sees around 81,880 searches per month for terms such as ASOS discount codes. With a population of 498,042, this works out to around 16% of the population of Liverpool searching for a discount code monthly.

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Posted 6th March, 2024

Author: Jadee Scott

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