Informative44% Of Women Are Disappointed By Their Gift On Valentineโ€™s Day

With Valentine’s Day looming on the horizon, the ultimate question arises: Will your gift be a hit or miss this year? Well, stress less. Love Discount Vouchers have surveyed a sample audience to get into the hearts and minds of shoppers.

Just call us Cupid, so you donโ€™t become one of the 44% of people who disappointโ€ฆ Weโ€™ve taken a deep dive into what the UK wants this Valentines Day, unearthing some key trends that are sure to make your loved ones swoon, without burning a hole in your pocket.

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The Art of Gifting: A Spotlight on Key Findings

When it comes to Valentine’s Day gifting, the results from our respondents show a whole range of trends, whether itโ€™s in relation to savings and deals or what exactly people are gifting that special someone. Take a look at some of our key findings below:

  • Food and Beverages Reign Supreme as Gifts: Food is, famously, the way to anyoneโ€™s heart. So unsurprisingly, 20% of our audience have opted for food and beverage gifts, standing out as one of the top choices for Valentine’s Day, capturing the hearts and taste buds of our respondents.
  • Bargain Hunting: 60% Seek a Deal: An astonishing 60% of buyers actively seek Valentine’s deals and discounts for their purchases. Love doesn’t have to be a costly affair, and our romantic respondents are keen to avoid breaking both hearts and the bank.
  • Gendered Expectations: Disappointment Disparities: The survey reveals a significant gender disparity in the realm of Valentine’s Day disappointment. While 44% of women admitted to feeling disappointed with their Valentine’s Day gifts, only 11% of men shared a similar sentiment. Are men more adept at the art of gift-giving, or do women simply have higher expectations?
  • Age and Spending Patterns: 55+ Spend the Least, 25-34 Splurge: Unveiling spending habits, the survey found that individuals over the age of 55 tend to spend the least on Valentine’s Day gifts. In contrast, the age group of 25-34 takes the lead in splurging, with a willingness to shell out between ยฃ25-ยฃ50 on gifts for their significant others.
  • Gift-Giving Confidence: Women Believe They Are Superior: The battle of the sexes extends into the realm of presents, with women rating themselves as superior gift-givers, awarding an impressive 4.6 out of 6 stars. Men aren’t far behind, though, with an average self-rating of 4.3 stars.

Unveiling the Most and Least Desired Gifts Across the UK

According to our survey takers, these were the top five most desired gifts - so take note!

  1. Food and Beverages (20%)
  2. Personalised Gifts (17%)
  3. Experiences (11%)
  4. Flowers (10%)
  5. Holidays (9%)

If youโ€™re wondering what to avoid getting your S.O this Valentineโ€™s Day, take a look at our surveyโ€™s five least desired gifts:

  1. Card (3%)
  2. Beauty and Personal Care (3%)
  3. Fashion and Accessories (3%)
  4. Home and Living (3%)
  5. Subscription Services (3%)

Get your hands on some foodie gifts for less

If weโ€™ve learnt anything from our survey, you just canโ€™t go wrong with a good bottle of booze and some sweet and tasty treats:

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Discover some experienced based gifts for less

If your special someone is part of the 11% whoโ€™s love language is โ€˜personal time,โ€™ you might want to consider gifting them an experience for the pair of you to enjoy together. So here are some of our recommendations for ways to make valuable memories that youโ€™ll never forget with your loved one:

  1. โ€œUK Wide Adventure Gift Voucherโ€ - Unleash adventure and amazing savings with an Adventure Tours UK promo code
  2. London stays - Unlock your dream night away and savings with a discount code
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  4. Vintage Cinema And Cocktails Experience For Two - Get the reel deal with a Not on The High Street discount code
  5. A day out at Flip Out - You will be bouncing for joy with these amazing Flip Out promo codes

What not to do this Valentineโ€™s Day

Buying presents for someone can be hard and nobody wants to disappoint their Valentine. But unfortunately for some, gift giving doesnโ€™t always go to plan. Discover some of the funny Valentineโ€™s misses our survey takers shared with us:

A Hamster

An orange hamster nuzzling its paw while sitting on a terrazzo countertop

โ€œI had a long distance relationship at the time and he thought it would keep me company. I had never shown interest in hamsters. Message to mankind: unless discussed, don’t buy living creatures for women.โ€

Personalised coffee cup

A person taking two porcelain mugs out from a shelf attached to an orange wall

โ€œWe broke up shortly after and I kept forgetting to bin it. So I would see our faces as soon as I woke up.โ€

Washing up gloves

A person pulling on a pair of yellow rubber gloves in front of a brown wall

โ€œI complained my hands were getting sore.โ€

A picture frame

An empty antique gold-painted wooden picture frame leaning against a table

โ€œMy great aunt had my wedding picture put into a frame. The frame was hideous and had 2 cupids with arrows on the top two corners and all these yellow, gold swirls down the side. It was truly awful. Picture with my husband on our wedding day. Funny bit was we’d been divorced over 10 years and I’d been with my current partner for as long as 7 years. We laughed all the way home. Luckily my partner has a great sense of humour. The tale still comes out at parties, BBQs etc.โ€

Be sure to show your Valentine just how much they mean to you this year when you take advantage of Love Discount Vouchersโ€™ selection of fantastic discounts.

Posted 8th February, 2024

Author: Jessica Pinker

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