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About Nontozakhe

Nontozakhe is a free-spirited writer who loves to travel around the world. Her favourite topics to write about are in fact travel and food. Getting a good deal is her middle name! Shopping for great deals is her thing, not to mention saving a pound or two.

She loves watching Netflix and chilling with her friends over the weekend. One of her best quotes is: โ€˜Live for today and donโ€™t worry about tomorrow.โ€™ โ€“ Nontozakhe

What Does Nontozakheโ€™s Role As A Blog Writer Consist Of?

As a blog writer, Nontozakhe writes about different topics based on trends that month. On a daily basis, she works on a topic and does research based on whatโ€™s trending on that specific topic. She then plans what sheโ€™s going to write about based on the information she has gathered.

Nontozakhe finds being a blog writer fun and she says it helps keep her on her toes all the time because she learns about different trends and familiarises herself with them.

What Nontozakhe Enjoys Most About Her Job Role

Nontozakhe enjoys writing about different topics about various trends. Her favourite topics to write about are travel, fashion and food recipes. She gets to learn a lot about different cultures and how certain things are done in other countries.

She believes food is a universal language. Exploring different types of food through research helps to grow her love for food. Seeing also how fashion has evolved throughout the years and the statements that designers are making now, really makes it exciting to write about fashion trends.
It doesnโ€™t really matter what she writes about, working at Love Discount Vouchers is a blast for her because of the help and team spirit that Love Discount Vouchers has to ensure collectively, they deliver high-end blogs to their readers.

What Makes Love Discount Vouchers The Best Place To Work?

Nontozakhe says working for Love Discount Vouchers is unmatched. The support she gets from her manager whenever she needs help is amazing. Not to mention the team spirit that she and her colleagues portray whenever a team member needs help. It’s truly a stress-free working environment and she finds it a pleasure to work for Love Discount Vouchers.

Nontozakheโ€™s Proudest Saving

Facial products are very expensive, so Nontozakhe is always on the lookout for 3 for 2 specials held by beauty stores. She always targets those end-of-the-month sales that are held in many beauty stores. Once, Nontozakhe bought her normal facial products: Cleanser, Toner and Moisturiser and when she got to the till, the cashier asked her for her membership card to activate the 3 for 2 discount. This came in handy that day because you know by now, Nontozakhe is the queen of discounts. If itโ€™s a good deal, she takes it.

Nontozakheโ€™s Top Saving Tips

  • Shop around when looking for a great deal. Donโ€™t buy the first thing that you see.
  • Always check local newspapers or discount websites to see discounts on your favourite brands.
  • Donโ€™t be afraid to strike a deal by negotiating for a better price.
  • Register to discount-saving websites like Love Discount Vouchers to get deals delivered straight to your email.
  • Lastly, set reminders on upcoming sales on your favourite brands so you donโ€™t miss out.

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