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With Easter approaching, many families begin to shop for the most delicious and exciting Easter eggs and other easter treats. Many will begin to start looking for their nearest Easter Egg hunt or simply looking for delicious gourmet meals to prepare for the family during Easter. Our team is here to help you find the most luxurious Hotel Chocolat easter eggs and other treats at the best prices.

A selection of different Hotel Chocolat easter eggs

In this blog, we will tell you:

  • Top 10 gourmet treats and eggs from Hotel Chocolat
  • Most popular gifts for Easter
  • How to get the best savings at Hotel Chocolat

Top 10 Treats & Hotel Chocolat Easter Eggs

Various Hotel Chocolat easter eggs arranged on a table

During Easter one of the oldest traditions is the giving and receiving of large Easter eggs and other Easter egg treats, says GQ. So why, not instead of the basic Easter egg, gift someone one of the many luxury Easter eggs online from Hotel Chocolat? Thanks to Love Discount Vouchers you can now find the best Easter chocolate eggs and other treats for Easter.

1. Extra-Thick Easter Egg โ€“ Exquisitely Nutty

Hotel Chocolat Easter Eggs: Extra thick Easter eggs with fillings.

If you love everything that is chocolate, nuts and praline, then this is the Easter egg for you. The egg is made with 50% milk spun and pecan praline to bring love to your taste buds. This egg is also filled with various flavours of bunnies and eggs. The egg costs ยฃ29.45.

2. Nibbly Egg โ€“ Exquisitely Nutty

Hotel Chocolat Easter eggs: Nibbly Egg with small eggs

This egg set is a great gift to give someone this Easter. The chocolate egg is designed to not only bring flavour but also texture. The egg is made with crunchy granola and a 40% milk egg. The large egg comes with six small salted macadamia eggs. Purchase this delicious gift for ยฃ19.95.

3. Extra-Thick Easter Egg โ€“ Exuberantly Fruity

Hotel Chocolate Easter eggs: Extra-thick Easter egg - Exuberantly fruity.

For those who love the flavour combinations of fruit and chocolate. Hotel Chocolat brings you their newest fruity chocolate release. The eggshell is a strawberry fusion flavour and is filled with various chocolates including watermelon bombes, raspberry supermilk, strawberries and cream, and rhubarb fool ganache mini eggs.  Add this popular luxury Easter egg to your cart for ยฃ29.45.

4. 70% Dark Chocolate Easter Egg 150g

Hotel Chocolat Easter eggs: 70% Dark chocolate Easter egg

This chocolate egg is a favourite due to its splat design. This is a dark chocolate egg that is vegan-friendly as the egg is made from natural cocoa butter and vegan-friendly egg white and yolk. The egg costs ยฃ10.95.

5. Extra-Thick Easter Egg โ€“ Milk to Caramel

Hotel Chocolat Easter eggs: Extra-thick caramel egg.

A new addition to Hotel Chocolat is this chunky shell egg that is made with 40% milk, cookies, half caramel milk and puffed rice. The egg is filled with truffles and pralines that host various flavours from vanilla, caramel praline, milk praline, caramellow and Illegal Gianduja. The egg costs ยฃ29.45.

6. 36% White Chocolate Easter Egg 150g

Hotel Chocolat Easter eggs: White chocolate egg

This white chocolate egg is made with 36% cocoa butter. It’s deliciously thick and creamy. The egg is made with Hotel Chocolat’s unique splat design and has less sugar and subtle notes of vanilla. The egg costs ยฃ10.95.

7. Extra-Thick Easter Egg โ€“ Everything

Hotel Chocolat Easter eggs: Extra-thick everything egg

This gourmet egg features all of Hotel Chocolatโ€™s rich flavours. It is a dark chocolate fusion of milk and hazelnut praline. This egg is filled with truffles, pralines and caramels. This is another new addition to Hotel Chocolat and costs ยฃ29.45.

8. A Cup of Eggcellence โ€“ White

Hotel Chocolat Easter eggs: A cup of eggcellence white egg

A mug gift set elevated with an Easter egg. The mug comes with a creamy white egg made with 36% white chocolate. Add this cute mug set to your cart for ยฃ22.95.

9. Cookie Dough and Ice Cream Sandwich

Hotel Chocolat Easter eggs: Cookie dough and ice-cream egg sandwich

A chocolate version of a sandwich that has cookie dough and ice-cream flavour and lasts longer than the others. The sandwich is made with a range of flavours including raspberry, Madagascan vanilla, caramel and more. This is a great gift for those who love sandwiches and chocolate. This chocolate sandwich costs ยฃ10.95.

10. Speckled eggs

Hotel Chocolat Easter eggs: Chocolate-speckled eggs

These eggs are made to look like real-life bird eggs. They are realistic but are 100% edible. The eggs feature a crispy shell with a hazelnut praline and are a great purchase for Easter. The eggs cost ยฃ6.95.

For more extravagant eggs this Easter, take a look at our Top 10 Fortnum & Mason Luxury Easter Eggs guide to help you find more out-of-this-world delicious treats this Easter.

Most Popular Hotel Chocolat Easter Eggs & Gifts

Hotel Chocolat easter eggs: Easter gifts and flowers placed onto a table.

Nobody is ever too old to say no to a visit from the Easter bunny, because we all know he leaves delicious treats behind, says The Sun.

If youโ€™re searching for gourmet chocolate Easter eggs, delicious chocolate bunnies and other delectable Easter treats and gifts to give for Easter, we have found a few ideas you can have a look at from Hotel Chocolat.

1. The Velvetiser - Charcoal Edition

Hotel Chocolat Easter eggs: The Velvetiser

This machine is a great gift for those who love hot chocolate. This machine creates the ultimate cup of hot chocolate when used with their chocolate flakes. The hot chocolate is rich, full of flavour and creamy. The Velvetiser is a great addition to add to your kitchen for ยฃ109.95.

2. The Easter Sleekster

Hotel Chocolat Easter eggs: The Easter Sleekster chocolate box

A box of chocolates is always a great idea for a gift especially if the chocolates are shaped like mini Easter eggs. The ยฃ25.95 box contains 30 different eggs that are vanilla, raspberry super milk, dark chocolate, caramel, praline, salted macadamia and many others.

3. A Dozen Quail Eggs

Hotel Chocolat Easter eggs: A dozen quail Easter eggs

Enjoy these petite eggs that are filled with creamy chocolate and each is uniquely decorated. The 12-pack of eggs contains a variety of flavours so you can enjoy Easter when you pop one of these small eggs into your mouth. The twelve-pack costs ยฃ12.95.

4. Sunny Side Up | Easter Milk Chocolate Truffles and Caramels

Hotel Chocolat Easter eggs: Sunny Side Up chocolate and caramel eggs

Bring extra character to Easter with these Sunny Side Up chocolate eggs. The eggs are made with pralines and truffles and have unique faces. Add this pack of Sunny Side Up chocolate eggs to your gift for ยฃ8.95.

5. Milk Chocolate City Easter Bunnies

Hotel Chocolat Easter eggs: Milk chocolate City Bunnies

Why not celebrate Easter with these cute little chocolate bunnies? The pack of bunnies includes 16 milk chocolate bunnies. These bunnies are one of Hotel Chocolatโ€™s best sellers and there must be a reason why. So go ahead and add them to your cart for ยฃ7.95.

How To Save Money On Hotel Chocolat Easter Eggs

A pile of small colourful Hotel Chocolat Easter eggs

Easter eggs can be pricey however this doesnโ€™t mean you need to break the bank. If youโ€™re looking for the best Easter egg deals, then we have got you covered with our money-saving discounts and more.

Jadee Scott, a money-saving expert, at Love Discount Vouchers says โ€œLove Discount Vouchers is always the place to search when it comes to searching for the best ways to save money during holidays and special occasions.โ€

Here are our money-saving tips & tricks:

  • Get your shopping for less this Easter with a Hotel Chocolat discount code.
  • Spend less on shipping costs - Spend more than ยฃ40 at Hotel Chocolat and get free shipping.
  • Use Klarna so you can buy now and pay later. This payment option allows you to purchase the items you love and split the costs into equal instalments.
  • Shop for great deals with our Top 5 Supermarkets That Sell Budget-Friendly Easter Eggs.
  • Become a Hotel Chocolat VIP member and unlock exclusive discounts and perks.
  • Sign up for Hotel Chocolatโ€™s newsletter to receive exclusive money-saving discounts.
  • Save money on delicious Easter foods, chocolates and more with our Easter discount codes.

Stock Up On Hotel Chocolat Easter Eggs This Easter For Less With LDV

Happy Easter to you from Love Discount Vouchers. Enjoy delicious Hotel Chocolat Easter eggs and yummy treats for less thanks to our money-saving discounts.

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