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Elevate your Easter celebration to the next level with some of the Fortnum & Mason luxury Easter eggs and tasty treats. The online food retailer takes pride in offering beautifully designed chocolate Easter eggs and strives to offer the best Easter goodies to the people of the United Kingdom. Look at our top 10 delicious picks from Fortnum & Mason for you to try and save money with our Easter discount codes.

Various Fortnum & Mason luxury Easter eggs and treats on display

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Top 10 Fortnum & Mason Luxury Easter Eggs & More

Different Fortnum & Mason luxury Easter eggs and other Easter treats

As the Easter weekend approaches, we are all drawn to purchase some luxury Easter eggs that we have been seeing around lately. Donโ€™t panic as time starts flying by and find the need to purchase the perfect eggs for gifts, because there are a few chocolate retailers that provide limited edition flavourful chocolates. The best part is retailers like Fortnum & Mason deliver these eggs to you, says an article from Glamour Magazine

1. Dark Chocolate Decorated Easter Egg

Fortnum & Mason luxury Easter eggs: Decorated chocolate egg

How beautiful is this Easter egg, you almost donโ€™t even want to eat it. The Easter egg has been handcrafted by Fortnum & Mason’s team of experts. The egg is made from a blend of tempered dark chocolate and has flowers that have been handcrafted out of sugar. Inside the egg, you can expect to find a handful of bold dark chocolates. The egg costs ยฃ50.00 and weighs 227g.

2. Handmade Milk & Dark Chocolate Easter Egg

Fortnum & Mason luxury Easter eggs and chocolates

A chocolate egg that is made for lovers of light and dark chocolate. The egg is moulded using Fortnum & Masonโ€™s antique moulds to bring a unique look that is authentic to the Easter egg. Take a bite out of the chocolate egg and discover a mix of small chocolates, from dark chocolate to butterscotch praline. Purchase the 227g Easter egg for ยฃ45.00.

3.Six Golden Milk Chocolate Praline Eggs

Fortnum & Mason luxury Easter eggs: Six golden chocolate praline eggs

These eggs are made from real hen eggs that have been hollowed out. The eggs are filled with praline milk chocolate and painted gold. Purchase the six-egg pack for ยฃ30.00.

4. Easter Praline Scotch Egg

Fortnum & Mason luxury Easter eggs: Praline scotch Easter egg in a box

A scotch egg that has been re-designed into an Easter treat. This scotch Easter egg has milk chocolate praline and an orange ganache centre. The egg is then coated with roasted hazelnut and cocoa nip coating. Enjoy this 130g decadent treat for only ยฃ19.50.

5. Muscovado Caramel & Lemon Fondant Gulls Eggs

Fortnum & Mason luxury Easter eggs: Muscovado caramel & lemon fondant gulls eggs

Fortnum & Mason bring you a chocolate realistic black-headed gull egg. The eggs are made with a white chocolate shell that is filled with a lemon curd fondant and a muscovado salted caramel. Nothing screams unique and delicious more than these tasty eggs. For ยฃ19.95 you can enjoy this four-pack.

6. Lemon Grove Truffle Egg Tin

Fortnum & Mason luxury Easter eggs: Lemon grove truffle egg tin

A cute little Easter egg tin that is filled with mini lemon-shaped egg truffles. These little zesty treats have been handmade by their team of chocolatiers. This tin is a great gift because even when the yummy treats inside have been devoured the tin can still be used for many years to come. Add this to your Easter shopping for ยฃ16.95.

7. Happy Hatchling

Fortnum & Mason luxury Easter eggs: Happy Hacthling Easter egg.

When you purchase the chocolate egg, you wonโ€™t know there is a little surprise inside until you crack it open and discover the cute little handcrafted baby chick. This Easter egg will bring a smile to those who eat it. The egg has been made with sustainably sourced cocoa and costs ยฃ12.95.

8. Little Rainbow Chocolate Eggs

Fortnum & Mason luxury Easter eggs: Little rainbow eggs

These delicious eggs are carefully packed into beautiful packaging to embody the perfect gift to your chosen chocolate lover. Each delicious egg is wrapped in a colourful foil to represent the colours of the rainbow. Add this gift to your cart for ยฃ12.50.

9. White Chocolate Decorated Easter Egg

Fortnum & Mason luxury Easter eggs: White chocolate decorated Easter egg with a ribbon

This Easter egg is the white chocolate version of the dark chocolate Easter egg listed above. It has also been made to be full of flavour and creamy in texture. Decorated with sugar flowers and carefully moulded with tempered chocolate by their team of chocolatiers. Add this beautiful egg to your cart for ยฃ50.00.

10. Strawberry Patch Truffle Egg Tin

Fortnum & Mason luxury Easter eggs: Strawberry patch truffle egg tin

A beautifully designed Easter egg tin that is packed with fruit-flavoured mini egg-shaped truffles that are mouthwatering. The Easter egg will bring happiness to those who consume the little truffles as they are delicately handcrafted by their expert team. The delicious Easter egg treat tin costs ยฃ16.95.

If you have found your favourite Fortnum & Mason chocolate eggs and are ready to shop, then be sure to get extra savings when you use a Fortnum & Mason discount code.

If you want to shop for more luxury Easter eggs, then go and have a look at our Top 10 Hotel Chocolat Easter Eggs blog. 

Fortnum & Mason Luxury Easter Eggs: Easter Gifts

Fortnum & Mason luxury Easter eggs: Traditional simnel cake

Easter has arrived and many of us are out of time to shop for the best Easter gifts, personalised Easter eggs and other expensive Easter eggs and treats, says Hello! Magazine.

“Well, do not worry, because Love Discount Vouchers is here to help you find the best Easter gifts from Fortnum & Mason as well as save you money on the most expensive easter eggs and all your other gift shopping with our Gifts & Occasions discount codesโ€, says Jadee Scott, a money-saving expert, at Love Discount Vouchers.

Here are our top 5 Easter gift picks:

1. Carrot Iced Biscuits

Fortnum & Mason luxury Easter eggs: A box of carrot iced biscuits

These iced biscuits are a unique gift to give someone this Easter. With each carrot biscuit iced by hand in various colours and shapes, these chocolate biscuits are sure to be a winner. Add these biscuits to your shopping cart for ยฃ19.95.

2. The Happy Easter Basket

Fortnum & Mason luxury Easter eggs: The Happy Easter Basket

A beautiful hamper gift that has been packed with some of Fortnum & Mason’s delicious gifts.

What is included?

  • Easter simnel biscuit tin
  • Easter carrot sweets
  • Nougat chocolate Easter eggs
  • Milk chocolate matchbox bunnies
  • Raspberry & rhubarb conserve

The basket costs ยฃ70.00.

3. Colourful Easter Iced Biscuits

Fortnum & Mason luxury Easter eggs: Colourful iced biscuits

A selection of Easter-themed iced biscuits all packed into a beautiful box. The gingerbread biscuits are a great gift to give someone this Easter. Add this to your cart for ยฃ29.95.

4. Traditional Simnel Cake

Fortnum & Mason luxury Easter eggs: Traditional simnel cake

A traditional Easter fruit cake made with juicy cherries and almonds. The cake has a marzipan layer and marzipan balls for decoration, this cake is simply delicious. A great way to celebrate easter is slicing the cake for you and your loved ones to share. The cake costs ยฃ29.95.

5. Spring Cup, 20 Silky Tea Bag Tin

Fortnum & Mason luxury Easter eggs: Spring cup tea

Enjoy a delicious cup of tea that is refreshing thanks to its rhubarb, vanilla and orange infusion. It can be enjoyed hot or cold and is a great idea to have on Easter. The tea costs ยฃ14.95.

Get The Most Out Of Fortnum & Masons Luxury Easter Eggs & Other Treats With LDV

Get ready and feel the excitement in your body as you place your order for Fortnum & Masons luxury Easter eggs and other delicious Easter treats. Celebrate Easter with delicious chocolates, sweets, hampers and more. If you are not interested in breaking the budget on luxury chocolate eggs, then we have something to help you out. Head over to our Budget-Friendly Easter Eggs blog to get started, because Love Discount Vouchers is all about money-saving.

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