Buying GuideGet Ready For New Year's: Womenโ€™s Going-Out Tops And Styling Tips

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2023 is coming to a close! It is time to don your sparkliest outfit and celebrate all the achievements youโ€™ve made over the year. While applying your glitter eyeshadow on December 31st, you may wonder why we put so much effort into dressing up for the occasion. Luckily our expert stylist, Jessica Pinker, has the answer: โ€œFor centuries humans have celebrated the end of a long year by dolling themselves up in lavish clothing. Matter of fact the Scots are believed to be the first group who celebrated the occasion by donning cattle hides.โ€ Quite the statement!

So are you ready to make a statement this New Year’s Eve? Below weโ€™ve pieced together three lists with our favourite women’s going-out tops. Whether youโ€™re on the hunt for going-out tops to wear with jeans or long-sleeve going-out tops, our selection of going-out tops is sure to turn heads at any New Year’s party.

In this guide, we will tell you:

  • How to style going-out tops with jeans
  • What makes long-sleeve going-out tops so versatile
  • How to sparkle all night with a sequined going-out top

Our Top 2 Going-Out Tops To Wear With Jeans

A staple of the mid-2000s, the going-out top paired with jeans has been revived and modernised by Gen Z. The original outfit formula (which included designer skinny jeans paired with a cheaper top and bedazzled belt) has been switched for baggy jeans, cropped going-out tops and a mini handbag, creating a more modern & stylish look.

Here are two tips on how to style your going-out tops with jeans to achieve the 2023 look:

  • Reach for the baggy jeans - The old trend may have called for a pair of skinny jeans but the current trend has outlawed them. According to PureWow, โ€œpairing your favourite skinnies with a going-out top is a surefire way to look like youโ€™re channelling your 2006 self.โ€ That said it is best to save your skinny jeans for another day and pull on a baggier pair.
  • Opt for crop tops - One of the disadvantages of the old formula is that the longer tops made wearers look shorter than they actually are. The 2023 formula however achieves the opposite. By pairing a shorter top with wide-legged jeans the outfit makes the wearer appear taller by elongating their silhouette.

Need some inspiration for your New Year’s look? Below are our top 2 favourite going-out tops to wear with jeans:

1. ASOS DESIGN Curved Plunge Trim Crop Top In Black

going-out tops to wear with jeans: A model wearing a black crop top with blue jeans

Looking for something bold but trendy? ASOS is THE store to find the latest on-trend clothing and women’s going-out tops are their speciality. This crop top with its plunge neckline and structured front is the epiphany of bold that would look amazing with a pair of baggy blue jeans. It comes in two colours and retails for ยฃ28, but you can get it for a cheaper price when you use an ASOS discount code!
Product Code: 132624495

2. River Island One Shoulder Drape Top

A model posing in a grey one-shoulder going-out top and black wide leg jeans

If crop tops are a bit too bold for you, then we have a classy alternative you can pair with some dark baggy jeans! Veryโ€™s River Island One Shoulder Drape top combines sophistication, drama and style with its draped one-shoulder design and muted grey colour. With an added slit on the shoulder, you can be daring but still in your comfort zone with this going-out top. Retailing at ยฃ25.60, add it to your basket for less with a Very discount code.
Product Code: VNTR7

Our Top 3 Long-Sleeve Going-Out Tops

Versatility is this going-out topโ€™s middle name. Whether the New Year event youโ€™re going to is a black-tie formal or a casual night with friends, long-sleeve going-out tops can be styled to fit any dress code. Donโ€™t believe us? Check out our styling tips below for all the ways you can wear a long-sleeve going-out top:

  • Create layers - Not only will this keep you warm throughout the cold winter nights but also add depth to your look. Experimentation is key here but if youโ€™re looking for a recommendation try layering your long-sleeve going-out top over a short dress or pulling on a cardigan.
  • Longer top = tighter bottoms - If your top is on the longer side, fitted bottoms (like leggings, pencil skirts, skinny jeans or tailored trousers) are the way to go. Opt for solid-coloured bottoms to let your top be the focal point and add a handbag & heels to dress it up.
  • Shrug it off your shoulder - For a glamorous yet relaxed look, wikiHow suggests pulling โ€œthe shirt sleeves down to expose one or both of your shoulders.โ€ This works best for tops that are oversized or have wide necks, but you can also do it with a button-down just by leaving the top 2 buttons undone.

On the hunt for some long-sleeve going-out tops? Check out our recommendations below for some inspiration and savings!

1. Missguided Long-Sleeve Clasp Detail Textured Shirt

long-sleeve going-out tops: A model posing in a cream-coloured long-sleeve crop top

With its cropped style, deep cuff sleeves and gold clasp detail, this Missguided going-out top is guaranteed to have all eyes on you at that New Year’s Eve party. Pair it with a matching mini skirt or a pair of jeans and youโ€™ll have an outfit that was made to be the centre of attention. The cherry on the cake is this going-out top is currently available for a jaw-dropping ยฃ4 and comes with next-day delivery if you order before 9 pm! Add it to your cart now and donโ€™t forget to use a Missguided discount code to save on the delivery fees.
Product Code: 676394

2. Debenhams Floral Sequin Plunge Bodysuit

A model posing in a black lace and sequin bodysuit and black cigarette pants

Looking for an elegant top that’s bound to send hearts racing? Debenhams Floral Sequin Plunge Bodysuit is ready to tick all your boxes. Its black lace detailing & sheer fabric are elegant yet romantic but its dash of sequins adds that touch of glam any New Year’s outfit needs. Pair it with some satin cigarette pants and youโ€™ll be the belle of the ball. This going-out top retails for ยฃ16 and comes in two stunning colours. It is a deal you donโ€™t want to miss!
Product Code: FZZ77117-105-14

3. Quiz Velvet Wrap Tie Top

A model posing in a black velvet wrap tie top and faux leather leggings

Regal yet daring? With its luxuriously soft velvet finish and bold plunging neckline, this going-out top is that and more! Take into consideration its wrap style & tie belt and you have a stylish top that would be the perfect addition to any New Year’s outfit. Pair this going-out top with some faux leather leggings and youโ€™re ready for the big night. Available in two colours you can add this going-out top to your wardrobe for ยฃ20.99 or less when you use a Quiz Clothing discount code at checkout.
Product Code: 00100040718

Our Top 2 Sequined Women’s Going-Out Tops

What better way to reign in the New Year than with a shimmery sequined top? Another resurrected fashion trend that Gen Z graciously modernised, the sequin top made a comeback in 2018 and is here to stay.

Sequins arenโ€™t the easiest to style. Too many sequins will look tacky but too little will go unnoticed. You need to find that perfect balance that will be bold but classy. Luckily we have three tips to help you nail the sequin look this New Year’s Eve:

  • Play it safe with a top - Unless youโ€™re feeling bold, weโ€™d recommend staying away from sequined mini skirts and pants. These articles are much harder to pull off whereas sequined tops, clutches and dresses are much more versatile.
  • Stick to 1 sequined piece of clothing - It’s very easy to fall into the tacky trap of wearing sequins on sequins. Maintain balance by opting for only one sequined item per outfit and pairing it with matt or satin fabrics.
  • Opt for neutral solid colours - Sequins naturally stand out thanks to their shimmery finish. There is no need to opt for bright or patterned sequined pieces as these can be visually overwhelming. Stick to solid neutral or muted colours for a visually pleasing look.

Wondering where to find some stylish sequined women’s going-out tops? Youโ€™re in luck because weโ€™ve listed our favourites below with their product codes!

1. ASOS DESIGN sequin shirt

A model posing in a muted green sequined button-up shirt and black faux leather leggings

Bold, comfortable and flattering? This ASOS sequin top ticks all the boxes! Its spread collar, flared sleeves and split sides give it a laid-back feel but its sequin embellished fabric ensures its presence is known. Pair it with a pair of faux leather leggings and youโ€™ll be turning heads all night. Add it to your wardrobe for ยฃ48 and get free delivery on your order.
Product Code: 120733404

2. Debenhams Sequin Wrap Ruffle Cuff Bodysuit

A model posing in a silver sequined wrap body suit and white cashmere shorts

Want to dazzle all night long? Debenhamsโ€™ glamorous sequined bodysuit is ready to help you steal all the attention at that New Year’s Eve party. Its luxurious sequin detailing combined with its plunging neckline and ruffled sleeves give it a dramatic flare that’s red carpet-worthy. Pair this bold bodysuit with some black jeans or cigarette pants for a look that’s bound to turn heads. Available in three colours, you can add this bodysuit to your shopping list for only ยฃ14 or less when you use a Debenhams discount code.
Product Code: FZZ82993-163-16

Save On Women’s Going-Out Tops With LDV

End 2023 off on a good note with LDVโ€™s favourite women’s going-out tops! Whether youโ€™re in the market for some going-out tops to wear with jeans or want to start incorporating long-sleeve going-out tops into your wardrobe capsule for 2024, our selection of tops is the perfect place to start. Looking for some more New Year’s outfit inspiration? Feel free to check out our Dresses For New Yearโ€™s Eve blog. Donโ€™t forget to visit our Fashion page for more discount codes on your favourite brands. Have a happy New Year!

Posted 21st December, 2023

Author: Jessica Pinker

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