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National Prosecco Day was founded by Riondo Prosecco, who chose to drink the sparkling wine on August 13th to celebrate the coming of summer. The Prosecco wine embodies a fruitful flavour and with its bubbling personality makes it the best seasonal drink. With Love Discount Vouchers you can find the best Prosecco deals and discounts to celebrate National Prosecco Day 2023 and learn more about Prosecco wines and why itโ€™s enjoyed and celebrated by many on Prosecco Day in the UK.

Bottle of prosecco and two prosecco glasses in an ice bucket for national prosecco day

In this blog you will learn:

  • Fun facts about Prosecco Day
  • The difference between Prosecco & Champagne
  • What are the best bottles of Prosecco
  • Places to purchase Prosecco wine online
  • Bottomless Prosecco Brunches

Fun Facts About National Prosecco Day 2023

Prosecco grapes on vines to make Prosecco for Prosecco Day in the UK

What is Prosecco?

Prosecco is made from thin skin green prosecco grapes also known as Glera. The grapes are mixed with alcohol and sugar, then placed into stainless steel tanks to ferment. Fermentation then creates alcohol and carbon dioxide is released creating bubbles. This method is known as the Charmat method. The wine is then carefully bottled and sent off, for customers to purchase their favourite prosecco bottle from their nearest retailer.

Where does prosecco originate from?

Prosecco gets its name from its home, which is the village of Prosecco in Italy. All prosecco comes from Italy. Prosecco is a dry Italian wine.

Other facts

  • Prosecco is a millennial’s first drink choice.
  • Prosecco can only be made in certain parts of Italy.
  • The bubbles in a good prosecco last longer than in beer.
  • Prosecco has low calories so even if youโ€™re calorie counting, you can still enjoy a glass.
  • Prosecco doesnโ€™t age like wine and champagne. It is made to be enjoyed as soon as possible for its crisp and fruitful flavours.
  • Prosecco tastes best in the right glass such as flute or tulip glass. If you are looking to purchase a prosecco glass or a few for cheap, then check out our Home & Garden discounts page.

National Prosecco Day - Prosecco Vs Champagne

Prosecco in flute glasses on black tray for the people celebrating National Prosecco Day 2023

Happy Prosecco Day to all the Prosecco lovers. As a Prosecco drinker, you may want to know what is the difference between Prosecco and champagne. Well, below we break it down for you:


  • Comes from Veneto, Italy
  • Doesnโ€™t take long to produce like champagne.
  • It is more affordable to buy a bottle of Prosecco than champagne.
  • Can be enjoyed with many foods.


  • Originates from the Champagne region in France.
  • Has a longer and more intensive production.
  • Champagne is considered a luxury drink and is more expensive.
  • Can only be paired with certain foods like shellfish (oysters), raw veggies and crisp fruits.

Top 5 Bottles Of Prosecco

Bottle of Prosecco with bag behind it on a table: National Prosecco Day

To celebrate National Prosecco Day, it is finally the day to enjoy a good bottle of Prosecco. We mean the very high-class bottles that are used for important occasions. This is the day to purchase yourself one of these top-quality Prosecco bottles to enjoy during Prosecco Day in the UK to the absolute fullest! The best bottles of Prosecco are the ones that have the โ€˜DOCGโ€™ letters on them, this means that these bottles are known for their top quality as they have been made from the farms in Italy from the Conegliano Valdobbiadene region.

Here is a list of the top 5 Prosecco bottles you can purchase:

  1. Della Vite Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore D.O.C.G:This bottle is one of the most loved bottles of Prosecco. It is made from the Glera grape which is cultivated in Northern Italy from the hills of Valdobbiandene. This is a dry white wine and makes a great gift for friends and family. The Della Vite Valdobbiadene Prosecco bottle costs around ยฃ22. You can purchase this bottle from online stores like Sainsburyโ€™s. Purchase your bottle and save by using one of Sainsburyโ€™s vouchers.
  2. Definition Prosecco D.O.C Treviso:This Prosecco is paired well with fish dishes such as salmon, this is another highly-rated bottle of Prosecco and only costs ยฃ9.99 from Majestic Wine. To get your shopping for less from Majestic Wine, be sure to use a Majestic Wine promo code.
  3. Il Como Prosecco Brut:This bottle of Prosecco is crisp wine and is made in Veneto, Italy. It offers hints of fresh pear and crisp apples. With reviews of almost 2000+ where many say it is โ€˜Divineโ€™, you can get this bottle from Virgin Wines at ยฃ14.99, but if you want it for less then be sure to use a Virgin Wines voucher.
  4. La Gioiosa Prosecco Tradizione Brut:This is a pale Prosecco. It is known for its elegance and delicate bubbles. You can purchase this bottle for ยฃ13.50 from Ocado and if youโ€™re looking for a great discount on this bottle, then go and use an Ocado voucher before you complete your purchase.
  5. Alberto Nani Organic Prosecco NV:This is one of the top-rated bottles of Prosecco from Waitrose. It’s an all rounder type of Prosecco and comes from the Prosecco D.O.C region, this bottle costs ยฃ12.99 from Waitrose Cellarโ€™s online store. Donโ€™t forget to use a Waitrose Cellar discount code if you want to purchase this bottle for less!

Places To Buy Prosecco For Prosecco Day In The UK

Bottle of Prosecco in ice bucket for national prosecco day

If you are looking to purchase the best prosecco on National Prosecco Day 2023, then look no further because here at Love Discount Vouchers where you can find all the prosecco offers, the cheapest place to buy prosecco, the best prosecco deals in the UK and even champagne offers as well as wine offers from these below retailers. These retailers also save you time by offering their prosecco delivery services. Visit their stores and shop online for their range of prosecco brands, sparkling wines and more.

  • Marks & Spencer is known as one of the UKโ€™s largest retailers of food, wine and gifts. You can shop for your M&S prosecco and even purchase prosecco by the case and save with a Marks & Spencer discount code.
  • Shop Morrisons grocery not only for your grocery essentials but also for your favourite prosecco from Morrisons and get it for less when you use a Morrisons Grocery discount code.
  • Tesco is known for their wide selection of products and convenient online store. Shop for your bottle of prosecco from Tesco and save when you use one of Tesco vouchers.
  • ASDA groceries offers a range of food and drink products that are loved and trusted by many customers. Purchase a bottle of prosecco for less when you use an ASDA groceries discount code.

Bottomless Prosecco Brunches: National Prosecco Day 2023

People at brunch holding glasses of Prosecco to celebrate National Prosecco Day 2023

What a better way to celebrate National Prosecco Day with great company and of course bottomless Prosecco brunches, that allow you to enjoy all the different kinds of Prosecco. The great thing about these brunches is not only the delicious food and the great company that surrounds you, but is in fact that your Prosecco glass will be filled every time it’s emptied so that you are never left dry and empty handed. There are a few places you can visit to go for your bottomless Prosecco brunch in the UK like the Rossopomodoro restaurant in the heart of London. Here you can enjoy Italian cuisine at an additional cost and of course unlimited Prosecco for only ยฃ28 per person.

Join The Celebration On National Prosecco Day 2023 With Great Discounts & Savings From Love Discount Vouchers

Purchase bottles of prosecco on National Prosecco Day and save with discounts from our Food & Drink discount codes page. Join your friends and family while celebrating Prosecco Day in the UK and purchase affordable gifts with discounts from our Gifts & Occasions discount codes page and enjoy the heritage & making of prosecco and have a great affordable National Prosecco Day 2023, with Love Discount Vouchers.

Posted 27th June, 2023

Author: Jadee Scott

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