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Choosing the right kitchen lights for your kitchen can be pretty tough, but when looking around for kitchen lighting ideas, you can find loads of great discounts at Love Discount Vouchers, so upgrading the lighting in your kitchen doesn’t have to be expensive. In this post we will talk about all different types of kitchen lights, from kitchen ceiling lights, to accent lighting.

Open plan kitchen with white cupboards and two kitchen lights and kitchen ceiling lights
In this blog we will tell you:

  • What to look for when picking the best kitchen lights
  • How to select kitchen lights that compliment your kitchenโ€™s style
  • The different styles of kitchen lighting
  • Different kitchen lighting ideas to change the look of your kitchen
  • Where to buy the best kitchen lights

Picking The Best Kitchen Lights

Deciding on the right kitchen lights is an important step when designing your kitchen, you donโ€™t want them too bright nor do you want them to be too dull. Thereโ€™s also the colour of your kitchen and the decor too, all these things need to be taken into consideration when playing around with your kitchen lighting ideas. Depending on the style of your kitchen, you can choose kitchen ceiling lights, maybe you can opt for the wall kitchen lights, if you have an island you can choose pendant kitchen lights or maybe youโ€™d like a chandelier. Here at Love Discount Vouchers we want to help you choose the kitchen lights that suit your kitchen and that are affordable too, so weโ€™re going to help you decide what to go with!

Kitchen Lighting Ideas To Match Your Decor

kitchen lights under cabinets and inside with cabinets displaying colourful homeware

This is always the tough part, choosing the right kitchen lights for the style of your kitchen. You may want to see how much light your kitchen needs or youโ€™d like to have kitchen ceiling lights as these are easy to install and easy for the kids to use too

Your kitchen lighting ideas should be a priority when designing your kitchen because letโ€™s be honest, the kitchen lighting brings out the beauty of your kitchen so bring out the beauty of your kitchen with these kitchen lighting ideas:

  • Pick pendants that pop - If you have an island kitchen you can have two larger pendant kitchen lights or one statement pendant.
  • Use colourful lighting - Change the look and feel of your kitchen with colourful lights, that will bring out different tones and add a spot of vibrance to your kitchen.
  • Try translucent fixtures - Instead of the opaque fixtures, fixtures with a lens on the bottom hide the bulbs underneath while providing a glow.
  • Opt for different shapes - Why not give the rectangular box-shaped lights or drum-shaped fixtures a try as they add interest to the kitchen, but if youโ€™d like to stick to the traditional oval and circle designs, thatโ€™s good too.
  • Include toe kick lights -  If you have base cabinets, try adding kitchen lights under the cabinets to illuminate the floor as they add ambiance and they can be used as a night light.
  • Give a glow to cabinets - If youโ€™re one for glass-front cabinets or open shelves that display your beautiful homeware, they can be softly lit inside as this will create a glow and add more visual interest.

With Love Discount Vouchers we have loads of great discount codes so you can find kitchen lights at amazing prices at all the best retailers. If youโ€™re looking for pendant lights, Dunelm have over 200 options to choose from. Use one of our Dunelm discount codes, to grab a bargain.

If you do want to add a splash of colour to your lighting to bring out more vibrance in your kitchen, then try philips hue lighting, and make sure to save with one of our Philips Hue promo codes uk.

To add different shapes of lighting to your kitchen to create a more modern look and feel, there are loads of great options at John Lewis, and loads of savings to be made with our John Lewis discount codes.

Finding the right style of kitchen ceiling lights

Your kitchen is the heart of your home, whether you are having breakfast with the kids before school or having wine with a friend on a Friday night, you can choose modern kitchen ceiling lights, traditional kitchen ceiling lights or a mixture of lighting to reflect you and your familyโ€™s needs. Most people like sticking to the kitchen ceiling light as it gives the light they need, some people prefer kitchen spotlights, or they go for kitchen lights that are led but changing the kitchen lighting with different styles can be good too. You can try out some of these styles and see which kitchen lighting works for your kitchen:

  • Chandelier - When choosing a chandelier, you can change the lamp in the future and they come in a variety of options. However, the price will depend on the material but the metal and glass ones are a bit pricey. If you choose to use a wooden chandelier it may be high maintenance to clean, but if you decide to choose a metal or glass one, there is not as much maintenance to keep it clean. Make sure you install this light in a good space to create the perfect kitchen lighting and ambiance. Use one of our habitat discount codes, to find a chandelier to suit your kitchen, that wonโ€™t break the bank.
  • Pendant lights - The good thing with choosing pendant kitchen lights is that they come in a variety of options and they add a big statement to your space. Depending on the space, they may not give off the amount of kitchen lighting youโ€™re looking for, also make sure the size of the pendant does not exceed one-tenth of the space.
  • Kitchen LED Lights - You may ask yourself โ€˜Should I put LED lights in my kitchen?โ€™ or โ€˜What LED lights are best for kitchens?โ€™ The two biggest pros people will mention about LED lights is that they are more energy-efficient and longer-lasting than traditional light bulbs. Kitchen LED lights are a great choice if youโ€™re looking for directional lighting. However, they are still a little weak when it comes to providing diffused lighting, e.g. if you want a light fixture that can illuminate a whole room. LED lights are supposed to remain functional for 10,000 hours or more, but there is a chance they can fail.
  • Flush mount lights - These lights are close to the ceiling so they wonโ€™t accumulate a lot of dust and they are perfect as a kitchen ceiling light for ceilings up to 8 feet high. However, changing the bulb will require you to remove the entire fixture every time.
  • Kitchen spotlights - The advantage of choosing kitchen spotlights is that they are small in size and they can be flexible when it comes to changing the angle, they can also be used as a primary light source. The only disadvantage is they come in a small lighting range. You can find a whole range of 3 or 4 spotlight lighting fixtures for a great price at Argos when you use an Argos discount code.

Finding the best price on your kitchen lights

brown cupboards with kitchen lights under cabinets giving light to the sink and kitchen essentials

Shopping for kitchen lights can be expensive and that’s why most people visit showrooms or get designers for kitchen lighting ideas. Dimmers are usually inexpensive and they are the most economical. Decorative lighting can be an expensive choice but you can always work with a budget and install one step at a time.

The solution to finding the best kitchen lights that reflect our personality, without breaking the bank is to shop around. Use our discount codes to make sure you get the best price possible by looking around our technology and electrical discount codes. We offer and find a code for your purchases from the brand of your choice. Remember to sign up for our Love Discount Vouchers newsletter so you get updated on all the latest deals and have the latest discounts delivered to your inbox!

Posted: 14th February, 2023

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